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Ireland Visit

Yesterday Tori and I flew over to Ireland where for the next few days we will be attending the Land Rover Goffs Sales. The sales start tomorrow so today we traveled down south to visit a couple of studs to look at horses which we hope to get on board for the season ahead.

First stop was to see Kieran Kenneally and his family to see some youngsters where we were very well looked after with a delicious breakfast before heading up the hill to see a beautiful Presenting colt foal and a Kalanisi 3yr old filly who's pictured below.

From here we hot footed it to Yellowfarm Stud to see the Motherways who over the years have bred some very good horses. Again we were very well fed and watered before having a grand tour of the stud! It was a real treat to see so many well bred horses who could all one day be superstars, most of them were all out of our price range but it was still nice to dream!

Talking of dreaming how about this half brother to Hurricane Fly!

Its such a big operation at the stud and it gave us a real insight to what goes on at such an early age of these horses careers, it's such a beautiful setting and no better place for the babies to start their lives.

Tomorrow is going to be a hectic day on day one of the sales with 600 odd lots to get through, hopefully there is something amongst them that we can bring home to the cotswolds!

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