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Summer Holidays nearly over!

For many of our horses out to grass their holidays are nearly at an end. All within close proximity to the yard we see them every evening and it's amazing how quickly they change shape some benefiting for the break more than others.

I'm delighted the way they are all looking having put on plenty of weight and for the youngsters it's given them valuable time to finish growing. Our neighbour Nick Phillips who is a very good amateur jockey in his own right kindly let us have the use of a couple of his fields which have been perfect as they are well sheltered and have provided the horses with some fantastic grass.


Torhousemuir (left) On The Couch (right) Fort Smith (middle)


El Tiburon (left) More Than Luck (2nd left) Wonga Swinger Samdibien (right)


Fort Smith

Most of the horses are slowly coming back in during this week where they will begin their road work which I believe is very important to the longevity of each horse and I've no doubt that this helps to strengthen up their legs ahead of each season.

Enjoy Responsibly is finally dropping somewhere to where he should be in the handicap, he's now down to 114 and with two solid recent runs finishing fourth both times we hope that we can get his head in front before the ground goes too soft this summer.

Our babies are coming along nicely too and we will post some photos and more information about them all over the weekend.

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