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A successful Owners Day

Quentin with Stowaway Rose

The horses have all settled in well at Saxon House Stables, and are enjoying the new surroundings. We had a successful owners day on the 9th October, which was well attended by connections. A huge thank you to all the team for their hard work in helping ensure the day ran smoothly

Sam talking through the horses

Last week Sam spent a few days at Newmarket for the horses in training sales, unfortunately they were all selling for too much money so the hunt for new horses continues!

We are pleased to have two new owners joining the team; Bart and Warwick Beswick who have bought More Than Luck, Dancing Doug and Rock and Bel. They came up to watch the horses work at the end of last week, and were pleased with how the horses are going. We look forward to the future and hope they have lots of success with their horses.

The young horses are all back in work now after a holiday over the summer and the range of facilities in Lambourn are really helping them to progress. The horses are all looking well, with a few of them now nearly ready to run. We hope to get some entries in this week, so should have some runners in the next few weeks.

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