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A quieter start to January...

This past week has been a quiet one in terms of runners, with no runners to report on. The horses are all in great form after a slightly quieter week to help keep them fresh and well, entries have been made for several of the horses at the end of the week including Stowaway Rose entered for a Mare's National flat race at Hereford on Sunday, she is in good form and we look forward to getting her back out on the track. We are looking to take some of the young horses for a racecourse gallop on Monday, this will give us a good indication of how they are progressing in there work.

Torhousemuir has been given a handicap mark of 108, we will now see what options are available to him and find a suitable race in the near future.

The majority of the horses enjoyed a jump on Thursday, with some of the young ones leaving the ground for the first time, they all got the idea and it shouldn't be long before they are flying over hurdles!

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